fbpx Brand new partnership with Ecole du Breuil! — PCA

PCA x Ecole du Breuil

PCA Botany class at Ecole du Breuil

Starting this Fall PCA and Ecole du Breuil will collaborate in a new exciting program combining the scientific study of plants and green spaces and the artistic work inspired by vegetal life.

Every term PCA students will participate in classes taught at the Ecole and visit the amazing botanical gardens owned by the school; in turn the students from the Ecole will visit PCA and work with our students in co-directed projects.

The school of Horticulture and Landscaping Techniques of the City of Paris, l’Ecole Du Breuil, was founded in 1867 by the Baron Haussmann and named after its first Director, Alphonse Du Breuil. The mission of the school is to train skilled workers and technicians in professional horticultural and landscaping techniques. The school also provides gardening courses for amateurs and the general public. Located in the Bois de Vincennes, the school grounds extend over a 25-hectare estate – the largest property devoted to horticultural education in France. 45 gardeners divided into 4 teams foremen maintain the grounds and communicate their techniques and skills to the students.


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