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Call for Projects on Family for Ragusa FotoFestival 2019

Family, Chile, 1971
© Ferdinando Scianna

Ragusa Foto Festival 2019 edition focuses on changes in the constitutive cell of the social fabric, the FAMILY. In times of uncertainty, the instabilities that characterize family ties continuously update the boundaries and transformations of our society. People, through relationships of real and virtual proximity, reinvent everyday life and propose new perspectives to family identity, rediscovering forms of reciprocity. Paradoxically, the most fragile families are those that practice solidarity and build social humus. Globalism also generates cross-national issues, such family abandonment fed by economic prospects and conflicts. Or geographical local tensions dictated by fear, lack of integration and resources, conservatism. We are facing a crisis of knowledge that also requires the arts and photography to question the world differently, to build narratives that produce a reflection on meanings, interconnections, rather than descriptions of what we already know. Even discovering that new forms of coexistence are already happening, and producing more sustainable forms of housing and living, and therefore evoking possible alternative futures.

The projects chosen will be part of a collective exhibition to be set up at Palazzo Cosentini, in Ragusa Ibla in the Baroque hamlet of Sicily. It will be presented on July 26th during the inaugural days of the eighth edition and will remain open until Sunday 25th August 2019.

The authors participating in the exhibition will compete with their selected works on the curatorial path traced to offer visitors a look at the intersections that cross the definition of family.

Candidates can submit either a single portfolio or a published book.

The entrance fee is of 15 euro.
NO FEE for a book submission.

Submissions will no longer be accepted after 30.04.2019
Selected projects announcements 31.05.2019