fbpx Chair of Fashion Design Lucas Maethger and PCA Alumni Daisy Sleiman featured in December 2023 edition of L’Officiel Arabia — PCA

Chair of Fashion Design Lucas Maethger and PCA Alumni Daisy Sleiman featured in latest edition of L'Officiel Arabia

L'Officiel Arabia cover, December 2023

“PCA fashion design program is fostering individuality and authenticity. We are looking at every individual student and their specific needs. It is important that every student finds their personal and own way in “DE”Sign and is going to be part of the change in the fashion universe. PCA class sizes are very small and students have intensive time with the instructor together and will get guarantee an excellent learning outcome. Students are individually guided throughout their process to achieve the best personal results. Each student is different and PCA is celebrating the diversity, in the body of the students, but also the way students will be directed. The needs are very individual and as well the direction they get. Students will encounter the Fashion department support throughout a variety of industry related projects.” – Lucas Maethger

BFA Fashion Design Chair Lucas Maethger and former PCA Fashion Design student now turned Designer Daisy Sleiman were interviewed and featured in L’Official Arabia, an International High-End Fashion Magazine which remains the ultimate reference in Fashion and Luxury for women in the Arabian Gulf countries. All images used for the interview were also shot by Bishoppe Kamusinga, a PCA student currently doing their MFA in Photography & Image-Making.

The interviews were conducted by Tanja Beljanski, Senior Editor of L’Officiel Arabia and touched on various subjects, such as PCA’s Fashion Design Program and Lucas Maethger’s role as Chair as well as presenting the journey of PCA Alumni Daisy Sleiman from being a student at PCA and creating her own brand, By Daisy.