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Chart Westcott Scholarship Program


The Chart Westcott Scholarship was created to support a college student in their journey to make a positive impact in society through entrepreneurship. It is designed to encourage and mobilize students with an interest in cutting-edge industries, to further their education and pursue certain careers. The goal of this scholarship is to help a student offset expenses incurred when starting a new business.

This scholarship will be awarded to a student who shows an interest in business leadership, philanthropy, and civic development within their professional field. The entire world is in need of leaders in all industries who understand that entrepreneurial innovation is the key to commerce that benefits the widest spectrum of people. This scholarship is provided to a student who shows a true talent for this type of life path.


You are eligible to submit an application to be considered for the Chart Westcott Scholarship if you are a current undergraduate university who has not yet reached their final year of study or a current high school senior that has been accepted into PCA. When submitting your application, please be sure to fill out each field in the form completely. There are no fees associated with this scholarship, however, if you are selected as the recipient of this scholarship, you are giving Chart Westcott permission to use your name, city, and a portion of your essay for marketing and promotional purposes.

Application Process

Applicants will be required to submit a 500-word essay on the topic:

“Describe your entrepreneurial idea and why you would make a great future entrepreneur or business leader?”

Submission Deadlines

Application deadline is February 28, 2019, and the winner will be awarded a $1000 scholarship by March 31, 2019.

To submit your essay, simply go here and follow the instructions.