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Class '15 Alexandra Eguiluz's Project 'Let My Baby Stay'


Fine Arts class of ’15 Alexandra Eguiluz is a Peruvian artist based in Paris, where she is completing her graduate studies at the Beaux Art de Paris. Her multimedia work explores social and political themes.

At the moment she is working on a video project about immigrant identity, specifically about how many immigrants adopt multiple identities to live and survive in today`s America. Filming will take place in Winston-Salem, North Carolina – the current home of individuals who have agreed to collaborate with the project. Work on location is scheduled for July and August. Editing and post-production will take place in Paris. The video has a November 2018 target release date.

 ” Let my baby stay “

What is the first thing that comes to mind when people ask who you are?

Silvia (like many others) emigrated to the United States, wanting something that had escaped her before. In this new land, she knew that she could no longer be what she had been. Like many others, to survive, she adopted the identity of someone she had never known – someone she would never know. A new name. A new birthday. A new language and nationality. A new life. For Silvia (like many others), imagining the gestures, the temper and the essence of Daisy (her new identity) guides her relationships and her responses to questions about her past.

In order to construct a double “self” that she could present to her environment in a natural way, she must: get used to turn her head in response when someone call out her name(s), she must write her new name(s) without thinking twice, be careful not to confuse her personal histories and wonder constantly what the real Daisy has done and what she was doing at that precise moment. Daisy (like many others) must remain who she is not / who she is, as time goes by.

The video “Let my baby stay” explores the duality of immigrants who have to split their lives and have taken the fictional identity of a real person in a parallel artificial, but real, existence. I will travel to the US to meet Silvia and Daisy (and many others) with the intention of witnessing and filming their lifestyle, their dualities, their families and friends in common. This video will provide a complex answer to the simple question of ‘who are you?’

Alexandra is trying to funds money to support her artistic endeavors. For more information, and to donate, apply here.

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