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Class of '10 Fine Arts Alumna Kate Hiley


We caught up with class of ’10 Fine Arts alumna and PCA ambassador Kate Hiley.


In a few sentences, tell us what you’ve been up to since graduating?
I have continued my studio practice between London and Indonesia. I took part in the inaugural year of Turps Art School and have also worked on some Illustration projects for Burgess Studio. I recently set up Le Cabinet Dentaire, an artist run project based in Paris and have curated shows in various European spaces.

Tell us about the project you’ve started, and the inspiration behind it.
Le Cabinet Dentaire was an idea born between myself and my co-director Sandra Fujii, also a PCA alumna. The space became available for a year or so and we decided to take the opportunity and use it as a platform for showing new and exciting painting. We wanted to create opportunities for contemporary painters coming from around Europe to expose in Paris. The future will see us take the project overseas and organize exhibitions for Le Cabinet Dentaire in new and different spaces.

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What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced?
Organizing the shows ourselves comes with many challenges, both time and budget based. By combining our resources we are able to run a program dedicated to showing contemporary painting on a low budget. We do all of the promotion and design work ourselves, as well as the curating, which allows us to be more creative with the space. It’s our passion for painting and connecting with artists that pushes us to keep developing the project in new directions.

What classes or projects in school have helped you prepare for some of these challenges?
I think the greatest thing that college provided was the capacity to work as a team – something that is not so common for Fine Artists. The network that I built at PCA has extended far beyond my time as a student and developed into projects and ideas that I’m sure will take me forward even further in my career. To this end, all of the classes I took have prepared me for my future career and showed me that sharing ideas is the fastest way to develop my own practice.

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How did Paris inspire you as an artist during your time here?
As a painter, Paris is a city rich in resources: the plethora of paintings available to see in person as well as the history of artists who have lived and passed through Paris. Their influence is deeply imbedded in the cultural attitude of the city.

What advice would you give to people thinking of going into art and design in higher education?
Do it! Any degree in art and design will teach you to be open minded, think creatively and work in a team regardless of your major. These are unlimited skills that are not only necessary but highly valued in today’s society.

Where do you get your inspiration or motivation from?
My motivation comes from wanting to provide something for new and contemporary artists that I feel was missing from my own experience. I also want to share my ideas with like minded individuals and build a creative community that was international and not just insular to one city or one location. I am still inspired by how much can be created simply by being organized and focusing on collaboration.

What advice would you give to students thinking of starting their own businesses or projects?
Don’t be afraid to fail and trust your instincts. Just because you are starting out doesn’t mean your ideas are any less valid than someone with a lot of experience. Be open to learning everything you can from other projects and businesses that have come before you, be a sponge for knowledge. And finally, be organized, that will make all of the difference.

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