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Class of '14 Alexander Asvarischtsch Featured in Less Magazine

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© Alexander Asvarischtsch and photographer Rasmus Luckmann

Fashion Design Class of ’14 Alexander Asvarischtsch was interviewed by Less Magazine to discuss his creative process, and thoughts on the current state of the Fashion industry.

Alexander believes the average consumer comes across garments that are either interesting yet poorly constructed, or of high quality but creatively lacking. He is hoping to change this with his eponymous line: ASVARISCHTSCH.

For me the true luxury element of clothing is time. Good things take time, and while that might seem given, it is probably the sole reason we don’t see more good clothing these days.

We need to actually apply the way-to-often-used and almost-always-ignored phrase: “quality over quantity”, and do so in all aspects of a collection.

Read the full interview.

ASVARISCHTSCH is scheduled to launch to Autumn/Winter 2017, stay tuned!

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