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Class of ’13 Sayana Gonzalez's brand DeWAR on Elle India!

PCA Connect: class of ’18 alumni Cameron Tidball-Sciullo had the opportunity to assist class of ’13 Fashion Design alumna Sayana Gonzalez’s brand DeWAR at a Paris photoshoot for her new collection for Elle India!

DeWAR’s first boutique, owned by Vanina de War, Sayana’s grandmother, opened its doors in Paris in 1938. During the Second World War, the brand fled Europe, and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maison DeWAR enjoyed great success, but, unfortunately once Vanina de War passed away, so did her brand.

Sayana Gonzalez has had for the last 10 years one goal in mind: to reopen DeWAR. True to its original principles, DeWAR‘s ultimate goal is to create luxury clothing which, can also stand as art and culture.

The new Collection from DeWAR, focuses on Indo-Western style and is inspired by Le Corbusier, a French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, and one of the pioneers of what we call today modern architecture. The collection focuses on function, reinterprets classic designs and adds child-like prints and embroideries much like the works of Le Corbusier.


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