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Class of '17 Christine Forni Participates in 'Fugative Narratives' Group Exhibition


Fine Arts alumna of ’17 Christine Forni participates in Fugitive Narratives exhibition curated by the Hyde Park Art Center’s Director of Education, Mike Nourse featuring abstract work by 15 Chicago artists.

The exhibition will be on view in the Kanter McCormick Gallery in Chicago, US, from April 22 – August 15, 2018. A public reception will take place on Sunday, May 6 from 3 – 5 pm, with separate scheduled storytelling events to take place throughout the run of the exhibition.

Fugitive Narratives examines ways in which the narrative form can be used and interpreted in abstract art. As media outlets and social platforms smooth over the nuances of news stories available to us on a minute-by-minute basis, creating bite-sized and infinitely consumable pieces of information, the importance of finding attention for intricacy in narratives has become
more urgent. While representational art translates the physical world, the abstract works featured in Fugitive Narratives depict tales and offer an exercise in discovering narrative within abstraction.

The exhibition is itself a narrative, and invites the audience to connect creative decisions with written and spoken narratives. “The artists in this exhibition are writing a chapter in abstraction, an amendment to the canon of sorts,” said Hyde Park Art Center’s Director of Education. “In it, they suggest that looking beyond the surface can bring valuable moments of introspection to our lives.”

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