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Class of '17 Kalina Lukanova and Leah Oros: 'Miroirs Brisés' Video Projection


”Miroirs Brisés (Broken Mirrors) is an exploration of the images that belong to us. Those that have shaped Paris. The Paris that we share but yet belongs only to us. The one that brings us freedom and solitude. The one that opens our eyes to the poetry of its grey skies. The one that tempts us to get lost in its streets. The one that invites us to burn our lungs with ashes.”
– Kalina Lukanova and Leah Oros

The city is a mirror of the artist’s inner world, broken in a collage of images, sounds, and language. MA Transdisciplinary New Media class of ’17 Kalina Lukanova and Leah Oros invite others to share their Paris in a series of interviews.

Based on the collected stories, the artists create an overnight video installation, a multi-layered narrative. This is an invitation not only to observe but also to co-create and discuss the role of the city within and beyond.

This is a free exhibition, but do join the  Facebook event.

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