Design Management Department Collaborates with Steelcase on Experience Design Project


This spring, students in Romaric Le Tiec’s Experience Design class will collaborate with Steelcase, the global leader in office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions for offices, hospitals and classrooms. The project will focus on transforming the customer experience of Steelcase’s furniture recovery program Eco’Services.

Eco’ Services, a turn-key asset management service, specializes in assisting clients with a streamlined approach to the removal of used furniture, equipment, and materials in professional spaces. By utilizing such options as reselling, recycling, and charitable donation, Eco’ Services aims to create value for the client while ensuring the responsible reuse of used items.

Using Steelcase’s initial client research as a point of departure, students will research and develop concepts around the management of information during the client itinerary, to improve their experience.

Students will work together using a number of design thinking tools—from human-centered design to project management, to sustainable design and business practices-–to create a visual prototype mapping the Eco’ Services user experience.

A number of classes will occur at the Steelcase WorkLife Center Paris. During the Workshop Week, Steelcase will conduct a tailored workshop open to all PCA students.

Interested in joining the Steelcase project? Email to sign up for Experience Design.

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