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Designer’s Days

Designer's Days
Imagine the Role of Design Schools

Designer’s Days, founded in 2000 by a small group of professionals, aims to promote awareness of design among the general public. Over the past twelve years, thanks to the growing success of the event, the spectrum of its participants has expanded, and now includes public cultural institutions, schools, museums, publishers, distributors, manufacturers, galleries etc… Every year in June, the association brings together the members and partners of the association in providing the public with a week of events in Paris devoted to design.

In responding to this year’s Designer’s Days theme and Tomorrow… Paris College of Art organizes Tomorrow…Imagine the Role of Design Schools – a half day conference in the form of three workshops. These creative workshops take the form of “inversed” round tables in which the students become the panel of “experts” presenting their projects and the experts are part of the audience. Moderated by guest professor Jean-Jacques Wunenburger, Université de Lyon, the goal of this workshop is to develop a dialog about and imagine the design school of tomorrow. Descriptions of the workshops, Imagining, Imaging, and Imaginal are listed below.

Visit Designer’s Days official website to learn more and see the program. www.designersdays.com


New Forms of Organizations
Projects to be presented:
ESSEC and Ecole Centrale Masters students in Entrepreneurship and PCA Design Management students work in collaboration on innovative methods for improving business model propositions through the integration of good design.
EDF Sustainable Design Challenge – The Piezo Project, to encourage responsible energy behavior for better living. Should design schools become incubators for innovative design concepts? with the participation of: Bastien Sennegon of Nekoé & Stéphane Hugon, PhD, Director of Eranos.


Emotions & Sensorial Design
Project to be presented:
Lace Design: Junior yearPCA students designed contemporary lace patterns based on the theme Cosmos for the Fédération Française de Dentelle et Broderies with the participation of:Régine Charvet-Pello of Certesens: Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur les TEchnologies du SENSoriel (Centre for Studies and Research on Sensory Technologies).


Prospective Representations of Societal & Urban Transformation
Project to be presented:
Paris Galaxies, a vision for the Greater Paris is an on going creative research project experimenting how to design and represent future urban visions, hosted by Sorbonne University with the partnership of PCA and which was recently awarded the Paris 2030 research grant from the city of Paris. with the participation of: Raphaele Bidault Waddington, Paris Galaxies artist-designer/founder of the Laboratoire d’Ingénierie d’Idées (www.liid.fr), & Stéphane Vincent, Director, La 27ème Région.

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For more information and to register to attend contact Brigitte Borja de Mozota.

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