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Igor Baloste



Igor Baloste installed himself in Paris in 2007, where he explores the possibilities of interactive multimedia with a purpose independent from what it’s expected from a technological point of view. From October 2010, he spent three years as a resident artist at 100 E.C.S. creating various pieces of work such as the project Les Destinées, supported by the Ministry of Culture CNC-Dicréam. That same year (2011), he works in an exhibition supported by the French Embassy in New York at the Festival Lumen of Staten Island NY, and stays for one week at Flux Factory (Queens, NY), a major collective of alternative creation in New York.  Igor Baloste has also created two emissions for France Culture in 2010 and 2011, given that he has an education as musician. At that time, Igor Baloste starts working on a project for the Gallery Roger Tator in Lyon. After working on various exhibitions-performances at the Mac in Lyon, at the art center Aponia at Villiers/Marne, and as part of festivals such as les Nuits Blanches d’Anemasse, and the festival Electrocirkus de Carpentras, he decides to integrate media video-projection to his work with the project Ecodeclah. His work with video-projection on one side, and the analysis of the public’s behavior on the other side is for him a media to work on the relation that can exist between the audience and the sense of what becomes an image.