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Sindbad Bonfanti

Sindbad Bonfanti

Adjunct Faculty

Photographer, videomaker, photo, and video project manager.

Sindbad is a French photographer, videomaker, and project manager, born in Paris (1989). He works as a freelance photographer and as a trainer in different fields. He’s worked for Maison Rochas for many years covering their shows backstage and has strong e-commerce (fashion and product) experience with showroomprive.com. He now investigates the fields of art photography, working with artists’ workshops and galleries.

Among his career, what has been Sindbad’s main focus is understanding what his clients needed, and how to provide them with respect for his own visual identity. Mostly interested in studio lighting and curious about the world of photography, he’s worked in a variety of positions, from photographer to studio manager.

In his works, he focuses on creating elegant and simple pictures that catch and respect people and objects’ identities. He’s worked in a lot of fields, specializing now in the studio, portraits, and object photography.

Showroomprive.com, Eric Bompard, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Rochas, Dyson France, Dyson Europe, cherche-midi éditeur, Atelier Cruz-Diez, Kering, Luxottica, I.N.S.E.E., Veolia.

Icart Photo School of Photography, Paris, France.

Blacks – personal work – PH21 Gallery, 2016; Budapest, Hungary; The Show Must Go On – personal work – Off festival, 2014; Deauville, France; Nights portraits – personal work – Le Temple pop up gallery; Paris, France.