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Harlan Bosemajian

Professor at Emerson College

Harlan Bosmajian has been the director of photography on 30 feature films and several TV series. His career began after shooting the black and white film La Ciudad for which he received a nomination for Best Cinematography at the Independent Spirit Awards and won Best Cinematography at the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

He shot one of the first high-def TV series, Strangers with Candy, as well as one of the first high-def films to get a theatrical release, titled Lovely and Amazing. He recently shot the romantic comedy The Other End of the Line in Mumbai, India. He also did additional photography on the second season of the TV series Mad Men. Bosmajian has shot movies in all film/video formats from 16mm black and white to the Red One camera. He has taught camera and lighting classes in New York, Los Angeles, and The Sundance Labs. He is an avid still photographer as well.