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Céline Pelcé

Celine Pelce

Adjunct Faculty

DSAA (2011) in Interior Design, Ecole Boulle, Paris, France; Post-diploma in food design in ESAD de Reims, France.

Work History
Working both as an interior designer and food artist for 5 years, she entered the Atelier de Paris incubator in 2015 and chose in 2017 to dedicate her practice to food, and the act of eating as an art medium. Focusing on the human relationship to the ground and to time, and the related rituals, she creates collective eating situations to share this research with the audience in cultural places and events.

Creating mainly edible installations, performances, and orchestrated diners, her work goes from elaborating taste and shape of food, as well as the tools, and the narration of the experience; and very often, she crosses languages of creation by collaborating with chefs, craftsmen, designers and artists of various disciplines. She also works in social, scholar, and sometimes in hospital contexts, where a more vital and daily aspect of food is added to the fictional and festive dimension she usually builds.

Looking for human cultural and spiritual relations to food, Céline Pelcé does work as much as possible in residency, particularly in France, Japan, and the USA; she will be at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto from July to October 2021, studying the spiritual expression of the Umami taste.

Recent Exhibitions
Her work is part of the collective exhibition « Kleureyck » in Design Museum of Gent, Belgium since march 2020, curated by Siegrid Demyttenaere. « Kleureyck » will be then exhibited in Tripostal museum, Lille, starting April 2021.

In December 2020, she co-curated the Food Art Film Festival of the Jan Van Eyck Académie in Maastricht, NL. In late 2019, she presented her work through a solo show, and 2 exhibitions she curated inviting other artists in Galerie Sept Elzévir in Paris: « Mnémotechnie d’un espace goûté », solo show; « Le Blé européen en légère hausse, le maïs reste stable », with Cédric Mazet-Zacardelli; « Roches », with Elsa Barbillon.

Recent publications
In 2019, she participated in Podcast « Dessein Dessin » in the episode EP.10 Food > part 1. She contributed to « Mouvement », magazine culturel indisciplinaire, doing food styling for series of photographs by Rebekka Deubner, summer 2019 edition.
In 2020, she contributed to the young photographers edition « Rayon Vert » with a text entitled: « Les bouillons perpétuels. Nourritures premières, petit précis de dégustation ».