Sabine Chevé


 Pedagogical programs manager at Makesense.

Graduated with bachelor degree in applied International business ( Licence LEA CI,  Université Rennes 2), master degree in Intercultural business & international cooperation (Master 1 RICI, Université de Lille 3) and masters degree in applied development and cooperation projects management (Master 2 IPC, Université de Lille 1).

Worked for Friend of the Earth in Melbourne (Australia) as support admin & communication. Enda Pronat in Dakar (Senegal) on creating a cooperative business with peasant producing and selling their organic products directly to the consumers in Dakar. Makesense in Dakar as Sensecampus program manager, adapting Design Thinking programs and facilitating them with 900 students at IAM business school. Makesense Paris (France) Pedagogical programs manager, implementing programs for students and professionals (PCA, ENSE3, TEM…). Engagement: Friends of the earth, Alternatiba.

I’ve learned a lot since I realised social business power that’s why I’m inspiring and encouraging students to develop social entrepreneurship skills & projects through Design Thinking programs.