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Ines Gerard Cuesta

Ines Cuesta

Adjunct Faculty

Ines Gerard Cuesta is a multicultural jewelry designer. She graduated From University Paris 8 Vincennes St-Denis with an MFA in Contemporary Art. She then worked for prestigious museums such as Fondation Louis Vuitton, Centre Pompidou, and various Parisian art galleries.

After living more than 10 years in Paris, she decided to move to Canada and start a new career in jewelry design. She attended the Montreal Visual Art Center and the Montreal Jewelry School before coming back to France to learn stone setting at the Haute École de Joaillerie de Paris.

Her brand, Ines&Litza, is inspired by her heritage as a French and Colombian artist, she creates timeless jewelry pieces in bronze, silver and gold. Her style is influenced by antique jewelry making, from the Helenistic, Roman and pre-Colombian periods, mixing rough textures with simple lines. Her work is entirely handcrafted, from forging through casting and forming, to stone setting.