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Claire Eliot

Claire Eliot


Designer & Creative Technologist.

Education Fascinated by all that fashion says about our social behaviors, Claire Eliot joined the Duperré School, where she became interested in the links between fashion style and new technologies. Then she developed technical skills at the ENSCI and learned electronics with hackers.She now makes connections between fashion and digital and highlights connections between these apparently paradoxical sectors. Identifying herself with the “Critical Design” movement, sheconsiders that the designer is an artist who has a social role to play.

Experience: She is co-founder of ‘The Fashiontech’, an association that aims to bring together stakeholders wishing to participate in developing technologies and ethics fashion and organizes events around this vision. She’is concultant in Innovation textile at Messe Frankfurt, direcror of Studiotech agency and teacher for Strate College and Webschool factory.

Expositions Fibre, innovation et création, Saint quentin en Yveline; Exhibition «Perception» Exit festival, numerical art, MAC Créteil, Paris; Exhibition «Numerique Handraft», Handcraft days, Viaduc des Arts, Paris; Fashiontech Showroom, FashiontechWeek Paris, Ifm; Finalist at «Grand prix de la création», de la Ville de Paris.