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Nicolas Grimmer

Nicolas Grimmer

Adjunct Faculty

Nicolas Grimmer is a maker and a constant learner who works at the intersection of design, engineering, and education. Nicolas believes that digital literacy and open technologies are the cornerstones for reinventing and improving our societies. He studied and lived in Berlin, Germany, and Utrecht, The Netherlands. He currently lives in Paris, France.

Fine Arts : Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Rueil-Malmaison, France; Sculpture and Design : Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Germany.

Work Experience
He helps companies transform ideas into tangible prototypes with the help of digital fabrication tools like CAD software, 3d printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, and many other computer-controlled machines.

Teaching Experience
In addition to this, he teaches in companies, schools, and fab labs on how to design, create things and solve problems on a wide range of interdisciplinary projects. This ranges from complex CAD geometries to interactive electronic projects. He worked with Fablabs (Volumes, IIM, Mobilab), Engineering schools and digital Schools (ESGI, ISCOM, ESME Sudria, IIM, ECV Digital, etc), various industries (SNCF, Louis Vuitton, Gaz de France, MAIF Insurances, Nexity Real estate, Ipsen Pharma, Ovaom, etc).