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Filippo Lorenzin

Filippo Lorenzin

Adjunct Faculty

Art historian and critical theorist.

BA with honours (2011) New Technology for Arts, Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Venice; MA with honours (2015) Visual Arts, IUAV University, Venice.


“MoCDA Permanent Collection”, group show featuring works from the MoCDA’s Permanent Collection. NFT Paris, 24th-25th February

“The Foundry”, a group show featuring works from the MoCDA’s art residency program. Italian Tech Week, Turin IT, 29th-30th September
“The Edicurial Collection” and “TokenAngels Collection”, two virtual group shows. The Sandbox metaverse, 11th-31st October
“MoCDA Digital Summer Show 2022”, group show featuring 30 works by art students in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Istituto Marangoni, National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Paris College of Art, Parsons Paris | The New School, Pratt Institute, Rome University of Fine Arts, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, University of Applied Arts Vienna, University of Arts of Cuba, University of the Arts London, Willem de Kooning Academie, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. Decentraland metaverse, 9th July-25th September.
“Revisiting the Future: What will come as dreamed by digital artists”, virtual group show. The Sandbox metaverse, 10th-24th June
“Hybrid Ecosystems: Modular Depths”, solo show of Entangled Others Studio for The Foundry, MoCDA’s artist residency program. Online, Arium metaverse. Opened in June
“Digital Horizons”, a group show presented by MoCDA featuring Beeple, XCopy, PAK, Damien Hirst, Sofia Crespo, Larva Labs, Mario Klingemann and BayC. Contemporary Istanbul, 12th-15th May.
“Urban Pixels”, public art exhibition presented by MoCDA in collaboration with EssilorLuxottica featuring Entangled Others Studio, Lethabo Huma, Krista Kim, Giuseppe Lo Schiavo and XCOPY. Milan, London and New York. 23rd May-10th July.
“Do Not Touch”, group show featuring Sasha Katz, Baron Lanteigne and Martina Menegon. Online, MoCDA building on Decentraland, 9th April-26th June.
“MEMENTO MINTI”, group show featuring Jisu Choe, Sasha Katz, Silvio Lorusso, Suzana Phialas, Sasha Stiles and Nicolas Sassoon. Online, MoCDA building on Decentraland, 8th January-27th March.

“Liminal Territories. A Post-Media Exhibition”, group show featuring Rosana Antolí, Robbie Barrat, Jim Campbell, Carla Gannis, Guildor, Auriea Harvey, Luna Ikuta, Jono, Sasha Katz, Yuma Kishi, Paul Pfeiffer, Jan Robert Leegte, Helena Sarin, Edgar Sarin, aurèce vettier at PAL Project. Paris, 5th October-20th November
“PULSE – Electric Mannerism”, solo show of Turkish artists ha:ar. Curated in collaboration with MoCDA. Giudecca Art District, Venice, 19th June-27th July. Scalo Lambrate, Milan, August-September. Online, Decentraland metaverse, August-December 2021
“Digital Embodiments And Interventions: The Sculptural World of Marjan Moghaddam”, solo show featuring a selection of works by pioneering artist Marjan Moghaddam. Online, Decentraland Metaverse, 4th June-10th September
“Geological Field Trips into the Digital World”, a group show of artists inspired by geology and geography. Online, harddiskmuseum, 19th March-30th April 2021
“KARLIE KLOSS X ADIDAS”, group exhibition of the finalist works of a competition by Karlie Kloss and Adidas in collaboration with The Fabricant. The exhibition was held at the Known Origin headquarters in Decentraland, 5th March-5th April 2021

“Breaking Apart of the Senses”, a group exhibition of the Summer workshop workshop focused on the critical study of social media and the creative possibilities it offers to artists and curators. Works by Marissa Derrick, Nadja Salewski and Philipp Schroeder. The show was held at the Paris College of Art, Paris, 26 July 2019
“Please Express Yourself”, group show for Greencube Gallery. Works by Kamilia Kard, Carla Gannis, Leor Wellington and Shinji Toya. The catalogue contains my introduction and a critical text by Erik Zepka. The exhibition took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and on the gallery’s website, 15 October-8 December 2018
“In Media Res”, the end-of-year exhibition featuring the works produced by the students of the Transdisciplinary New Media course of the Paris College of Art. Works by Leor Wellington, Alistair Schreiber, Mary Saisselin and Mirna Mihokovic. The exhibition took place at the mi * Galerie, Paris, 3-4 May 2018
“Blinding Pleasures”, group show for Arebyte Gallery. Works by Man Bartlett, Ben Grosser and Angela Washko. In addition to the exhibition, I curated the program of parallel events that included a conversation with sociology professor Amparo Lasén and social media expert Ebru Yetiskin, a workshop on the effect of false consent and a meeting with lawyer Kevin Poulter and the NBC reporter Catherine Chapman. The catalogue features my introduction and a critical text by curator Patrick Lichty. The exhibition was held at the Arebyte Gallery, London, 10 February-18 March 2017
“The Artist is Typing”, a solo show by Guido Segni. Exhibition held at the Arebyte Gallery, London, 1-30 September 2016
“Streaming Egos”, I curated the Italian pavilion. Streaming Egos was an international project produced by Goethe Institut that included curators and artists from France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Works by Alterazioni Video, Salvatore Iaconesi & Oriana Persico, Silvio Lorusso and IOCOSE. I commissioned the critical texts for the online platform to the experts Alfredo Cramerotti, Roberto Ciccarelli, Alessandro Delfanti, Ippolita, Vito Campanelli and Carla Subrizi. The exhibition took place at the NRW Forum, Düsseldorf, January 16, 2016
“Academy Awards 2015”, exhibition of the workshop produced by Viafarini. Works by Dario Bitto, Paolo Brambilla, Giada Carnevale, Nicole Colombo, Lucia Cristiani, Filippo De Marchi, Valentina Furian, Diego Gualandris, Lorenza Longhi, Edoardo Manzoni, Leonardo Mastromauro, Luca Petti, Margherita Raso, Giovanni Riggio, Riccardo Sala and Natalia Trejbalova . Both the workshop and the exhibition took place in Viafarini, Milan, 1 September-3 December 2015
“(in) Exactitude in Science”, pavilion of the international event The Wrong Biennale. Works by Enrico Boccioletti, Emilie Brout & Maxime Marion, Marco Cadioli, Alka Cappellazzo, Mighty KongBot, Marco Mendeni, Jacques Perconte, Antoine Schmitt, Guido Segni, Natália Trejbalová and Fabien Zocco. The exhibition took place online and was re-proposed at the OFF Biennale Cairo and at the Galerie Charlot (Paris), 1 October 2015-17 January 2016
“Alle Radici”, group exhibition for No Title Gallery. Works by Giulia Bersani, Dario Lazzaretto and Antonio Campanella. In addition to the exhibition, I curated the program of parallel events including calligraphy and cooking workshops along with live music concerts. The catalogue was developed and produced in collaboration with a local graphics company and the illustrator Veronica Merlo. The exhibition took place at the I’M Laboratory, Abano Terme (Italy), 11-21 December 2015
“Google Art on Canvas”, Luca Leggero’s solo show for Spazio Ultra. The event was part of AT 6PM, one of the largest European digital art events of the decade. The catalogue contains critical texts by the curator Helena Acosta, the director of the New Media Art department of the Paris College of Art Klaus Fruchtnis, the curator Gretta Louw, the critic Nadine Roestenburg and the director of FACT Liverpool Mike Stubbs. Udine (Italy), 22 July-12 August 2015
“We Art”, group show by No Title Gallery. I selected and edited the works of the Video Art section. Works by Stefano Bonazzi, Marta Dal Sasso, Ana Devora, Federico Fusetti, Giulia Magagnini, Li Chen, Lorenzini Anna, Palombini Lorenzo, Pontremoli Valeria, Walter Ronzani, Davide Sgambaro, Fabio Valerio Tibollo, Cristiano Vettore and Annalisa Zegna, exhibition held at the Cantiere Barche 14, Vicenza (Italy), January 17-February 1, 2015
“Playing the Game 2014”, part of the Milan Games Week with the patronage of the Milan Chamber of Commerce. Hangar Bicocca, Milan, 23 October 2014
“Reality Check”, a group show at Spazio Ultra. Works by Zach Blas, Benjamin Grosser, Callum Haywood, IOCOSE, Kate Rich, Guido Segni and Sander Veenhof. The catalogue contains my introduction and a critical text by the peer-to-peer technologies expert Michel Bauwens. The exhibition was held at Spazio Ultra, Udine (Italy), 14 October-15 November 2014
“Shaping Tool”, selection of artistic projects about social media commissioned by the online platform Art:I:Curate. Works by Aram Bartholl, Rachel Knoll, Benjamin Grosser, Tobias Leingruber, An Xiao Mina, Angelo Plessas, Cory Arcangel, Ranjit Bhatnagar, Lee Walton, Jer Thorp, Penelope Umbrico and Zach Gage. Online, July 26-27, 2014

Teaching Experience

“The New State of Contemporary Art”, a three day workshop about the most recent developments in digital art in the context of Web3 for the students of the Master in Innovative Art Management of Pavia University (Italy), 10th-12th May
“Introduction to the new New Media art”, lecture at La Cattolica University, Milan, 12th April
“Curating Networked Performance Art”, a series of lectures and workshops about the history and the strategies of curating online performance art. Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, February-May

“Skills and careers for the art market”, master course lecture about the opportunities and limits of contemporary NFT art market. La Cattolica University, Milan, 23rd November
“Possible and necessary futures: art, creativity and web 3.0”, panel discussion about digital art and blockchain. Benetton Fabrica, Treviso IT, 3rd November
“Culture & NFT Art”, panel discussion with Chanel Verdult (Unicorn DAO), John Crain (SuperRare) and Mariano Carozzi (YoungPlatform). Italian Tech Week, Turin IT, 30th September
“NFTs in the art market: real opportunities after the bubble”, online talk. Privacy Week, online, 28th September 2022
“Art in the Time of NFTs and Blockchain”, panel discussion. Internet Festival, Pisa IT, 8th October
“Museums of the future. An international comparison on cultural strategies, between tradition and contemporary languages”, panel discussion about what role and what policies should museums put in place in the future. LuBec (Lucca Beni Culturali), Lucca IT, 7th October
“The Artist at the Time of Web3”, lecture and workshop about the current state of digital art and the opportunities that Web3 tools offer to creative professionals. European Cultural Academy, Venice, 8th August
“NFTs: Beginning or the End?”, panel discussion. Fondaco Marcello, Venice, 23rd June
“The New State of Digital Art”, lecture and workshop about NFTs, the art market and metaverse exhibitions for the students of the Master in Innovative Art Management. Pavia University, 27th May
“Introduction to Contemporary Digital Art and Web3 technologies”, series of lectures for international art schools and universities leading to the Digital Summer Show, group exhibition curated in the metaverse. Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Istituto Marangoni Florence, National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Paris College of Art, Parsons Paris | The New School, Pratt Institute, Rome University of Fine Arts, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, University of Applied Arts Vienna (Digital Design and Virtuality), University of Arts of Cuba, University of the Arts London, Willem de Kooning Academie, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, April-May
“Can museums still exist in the digital age?”, panel discussion about the necessity of educating the public on the understanding and engagement with digital and crypto art. NFC Conference, Lisbon, 5th April

“Post-human creativity”, a talk about the creative use of AI in art hosted in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Center of Czech Technical University in Prague. Online, 24th June 2021
“Urgent Media Art. Why the internet changed the way we make and enjoy art”, lecture for the students of the Willem de Kooning Academy, 28th October 2020
“Social Media Art – From Dada to TikTok”, an online course of modern history of design and art produced by Arebyte Gallery
“Social Media Art”, workshop on the critical use of online platforms for the creation and sharing of creative projects for the Paris College of Art. I covered the theory and history of design and art, organised visits to museums and invited industry experts Doreen Rios, Guido Segni, Daniel Rourke and Benjamin Grosser to speak with the students. Paris College of Art, Paris, July 15-26, 2019
“Out of Frame”, a guided tour on the influence of the invention of photography on the decorative arts in collaboration with the Learning Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 12 April 2018
“Lonely is the City”, conference on the work The Trolley (2017) by the artist Nicholas O’Brien at the LIMA institute, Amsterdam, 19 February 2018
“Dark History”, guided tour on the cultural history of fear in collaboration with the Learning Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 26 October 2017
“Not only 3D Printers. An Oblique Introduction to New Media Art “, a cycle of lectures on the influence of new technological discoveries in design and art held at the Paris College of Art, Paris, September 2017 and 2018
“Interior décor, Ulterior motives”, guided tour on the history of the museum in collaboration with the Learning Department of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 29 June 2017
“Graph Commons”, conference on creative interventions in the context of public libraries hosted by King’s College, British Library, London, 11 November 2016
“Binary Matter”, lecture on the application of AR technologies in the field of design held within the Media Design course of Prof. Tiziana Gemin at the IED in Milan, 22 September 2016
“Google Art on Canvas”, presentation of the catalogue created with the artist Luca Leggero on the occasion of the exhibition held at Spazio Ultra in the summer of 2015. The event was hosted by CityArt in Milan, on 11 March 2016
“The Augmented Artist”, panel discussion on art, design and social media with the TV journalist Alessio Jacona at the SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, Bologna, 29 January 2016
“Low Tech Art”, conference on the critical use of low-cost technologies as part of the Low Tech Lab London 2016 festival curated by Raul Marroquin at Saatchi Gallery, London, 15 January 2016

“The craftsman, between local and global”, conference held in Pizzoferrato (Italy), 23 May 2015
“PRESSROOM”, workshops curated by Richard H.M. Parry, Pippa Koszerek and Jade Montserrat on the occasion of the preview week of the Venice Biennale, 6-8 May 2015
“Playing the conflict”, conference on game design and military research in collaboration with Mart of Rovereto, Trevi Center, Bolzano, 25 March 2015
“After Talks”, a cycle of conferences on art, design and science in collaboration with the city council office of Progetto Giovani. I curated the program, inviting university students to present topics about the history of modern art. Carichi Sospesi, Padua, March 18-May 6, 2015
“Textural Videogames”, conference on design and video games in collaboration with the Playing the Game association. Palabam, Mantua, 6 March 2015
“Outré Videogames”, presentation of the “Playing the Game 2014” catalogue with the patronage of the Milan Chamber of Commerce and the General Consulate of the Netherlands. Santeria, Milan, 30 November 2014
“The Role of the Internet in the World of Art”, conference within the cycle of meetings of the Art Office organised by the city council office Progetto Giovani, Padua, 13 November 2014
“The Excluded”, conference on design and the internet held in the context of the fifth edition of Pulsart Restart festival, Schio (Italy), 4 July 2014
“Data Art”, lecture on the use of big data in art held within the course of Techniques of Audiovisual Documentation of Prof. Jacqueline Ceresoli at the School of Fine Arts in Brera, Milan, 3 June 2014
“The Work of Art in the Pocket”, panel discussion with Paolo Branca, Raffaella Caruso, Matteo Cremonesi, Francesco Liggieri, Silvio Lorusso, Giada Pellicari, Martin Romeo and Elena Squizzato for ArtVerona, 11 October 2013
“Augmented Art”, panel discussion in the context of S.I.T.E.S., a public program hosted by the School of Fine Arts of Venice, 24 April 2013


“Archiving and Curatorial Practices”, chapter for the upcoming “Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Visual Culture” (2024)
“The Shared State of Digital Art”, text for the catalogue of “Blooming Festival” in Pergola (IT), July 2023
“The future of art”, interview with Roberto Cicutto, Director of La Biennale Venezia for “Glance”, January

“Inhabiting an out-of-scale world”, text for the catalogue of “Footnotes and Other Embedded Stories”, a solo show exhibition of Artspace. New Haven (USA), April
“Appreciating the Performative Quality of Computer Generated Art”, Hyperallergic, 8th February
“Making art within the junctures of nature”, text for the catalogue of “Opus Sectile”, an exhibition of Darmo Gallerie. Paris, January

“Considering Immersive Art Rooms and Why We Love to Escape”, Hyperallergic, 22nd August
“Grafting as Art Practice. Interview with aurèce vettier”, Digicult, 8th July
“How Images Created by Algorithm Channel van Gogh”, Hyperallergic, 14th July
“Why Do AI-generated Portraits Fail at Realism?”, Hyperallergic, 30th May
“The Links Between Linear Perspective and Virtual Reality Technology”, Hyperallergic, 1st March
“Your past™: How technology is taking over your memory”, Signal House Edition, February issue
“AI-Generated Worlds from the Sublime to the Beautiful”, Flash Art, 22nd January
“The Artists Who Lurk on the Dark Web”, Hyperallergic, 22nd January

“The Rise of Mobile Art, From the Renaissance to the Digital Anthropocene”, Hyperallergic, 1st December
“Looking at Rococo to Understand the Future of Glitch Art”, Hyperallergic, 20th October
“The Surrealist Roots of the Vaporwave Genre”, Hyperallergic, 17th September
“Perpetuum Mobile”, experimental text for the catalogue of the exhibition “The Reconfigured Nature” featuring works by Nicky Assmann and Jan Robert Leegte. Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains (France), Summer
“Interview with New Media Art. The Digicult Observatory between Art, Design and Digital Culture”, edited by Marco Mancuso. Participated with the text “Coding: Software Art, Game Art and Data Visualization” and interviews with the artists Evan Roth, Joseph Delappe, Zach Blas and Morehshin Allahyari published between 2014 and 2017 on the Digicult online platform. Mimesis Edizioni, published in Summer
Text for the catalogue of the personal exhibition “Information Critique” by Paolo Cirio curated by Marina Guida at the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, 4 July-22 August

“Face Morphing”, essay on the perception of AR technology in digital culture commissioned by the magazine Current Obsession. Published in issue 7, November 2019
Essay on the perception of digital art work in non-artistic contexts included in “ALPHA PLUS – Anthology of Digital Art”, book edited by Kamilia Kard and published by Editorial Vortex, January 2018
“Games for the Many”, article for the magazine Progetto Grafica. Published in issue 34, Winter 2018
“A ubiquitous influence. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ”, text for the Digimag journal. # 76, October 2017
“The Dependent Producer”, critical text for the solo exhibition “Celeste” by the artist Solimán López at the SCAN Spanish Contemporary Art Network Gallery, London, 5-29 July 2017
“Textural Video Games”, a publication produced by Playing the Game. Milan, January 2016
“Italians on the Net”, a critical text commissioned by Goethe Institut for the book “Ego Update” edited by Jerry Saltz and Douglas Coupland. Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Konig, 5 November 2015
“The Hi-Res Corpse”, critical text for the catalogue of the exhibition “Google Art on Canvas” curated by me for Spazio Ultra, Udine, 22 July-12 August 2015
“Grand Tour”, a series of interviews with independent Italian cultural associations Portobeseno, Officina della Barbabietola, Eventi Arte Venezia, Sponge ArteContemporanea, MyHomeGallery, Print About Me, Khorakhanè and anonimartisti published in the catalogue of the group show “About New Ideas” by No Title Gallery held in AREA35, Milan, 12-30 June 2015
“What Battle Within the Web?”, introduction to the catalogue of the group exhibition “Reality Check” for Spazio Ultra, Udine, 14 October-15 November 2014
“The New Identity, Mediated”, critical text for the “Facetoface” exhibition curated by Chiara Amendola in collaboration with the La Spiga Institute in Milan, September 2014

Professional Experience/Clients

Victoria and Albert Museum, London (UK); Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice (Italy); UIA Università Internazionale dell’Arte, Venice (Italy); MoCDA Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, among others.

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