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Maximiliano Battaglia

Maximiliano Battaglia

Adjunct Faculty


MFA in Photography & Image-Making from Paris College of Art (Paris, France); BA in Chinese Language from Beijing Language and Culture University (Beijing, China).


Maximilano’s teaching experience ranges from conducting documentary filmmaking workshops to being a Chinese tutor for prospective Chinese scholarship students from the Phnom Penh-based NGO Mudhita Foundation (Cambodia).

Professional Experience/Clients

Maximiliano is Uruguayan/Italian filmmaker and photographer, primarily working in experimental documentary. His practice is aimed at conjecture rather than generating knowledge, for which he resorts to hybrid practices that favor imagination, uncertainty, and subjective experiences. His approach to image-making is layered and polycentric, allowing poetically intertwined realities to emerge.

His video work has been selected for film festivals such as the Beijing Indie Short Film Festival (2022), Cambodia International Film Festival (2022), Guelph Dance Festival Screen Dance Series (2023), Motion State Film Festival in Rhode Island (2023), and Dance Made in Canada Festival (2023).

Selected clients include:
System Magazine (Balenciaga, Chanel, Saint Laurent, Schiaparelli, Paco Rabanne, Fecal Matter), Saint Laurent, Vogue India, Royal Pahang Weave Foundation, Documentation Center of Cambodia, Ségolène Brossete Galerie, Camilla & Marc, Aeris Körper, The Beijing Centre, Alabadas content factory for gender equality, Mudhita Foundation.