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Lucas Perez


Lucas Justienien Pérez is a conceptual artist living in New York City where he received a bachelor degree from Pratt Institute of Fine Arts and a master’s from Parsons School of Design.

Pratt Institute for Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design
New York, N.Y., 2000-2004
Parsons School of Design, Master of Fine Arts in Fine Art
New York, N.Y., 2015- Graduating in June, 2017

After studying at Pratt he moved to Tokyo, Japan where he immersed himself in the art of Japan, especially Nihonga (Japanese painting) and calligraphy. Pérez has achieved the calligraphy certification level of Tokudan (Special Master) in the Shosenbu Calligraphy Group of Nagoya. He has travelled throughout east Asia studying and comparing calligraphy traditions derived from classical Chinese; under notable master calligraphers Asako Kato (Nagoya, Japan), Asamo Ai Ho Fan (Taipei, Taiwan) and Dr. Bin Zhou (Shanghai, China).

Pérez has nearly eight years of teaching experience at the college level including fashion and communication design courses at the Art Institute of California- San Diego.

Pérez regularly exhibits in New York, Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan, and has won several calligraphy awards for his writing. He is now working on a project to examine a calligraphic practice within a conceptual/ critical framework.