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Adjunct Faculty

SofijaSilvia’s work is environmentally engaged, characterized by a poetic approach to nature, history, and human psychology. Her work deals with the human relationship to nature and environment, but also to heritage, reflecting on the history of those relationships.

Alongside her personal work, she worked on large commissions in collaboration with architects and designers; invited to develop series or create site-specific projects in the context of locations, their history and in relation to the environment.

SofijaSilvia obtained her BcA in photography at FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic(2002), before obtaining her MA at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London (2007).

Teaching experience
Alongside her personal work, she dedicated herself to transmitting her experience to young artists and students in Croatia. In 2013 she founded Singular, a non-profit gallery with a program of solo exhibitions by international artists, an artist-in-residence program and an educational program of workshops and portfolio reviews. She created the concept for the gallery in collaboration with the artist Ilija ILIA Smiljanić and acted as curator, director and organizer.

She also created an independent educational platform in collaboration with various institutions, universities and organizations and developed her own pedagogy for students of photography. The aim was to share her international experience, knowledge and network. It consisted of organizing workshops, lectures and exhibitions for young, upcoming artists. It was publicly funded, supported by the Ministry of Culture and other local and international funding institutions.

Exhibitions and published work
Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Croatia and internationally, including Krinzinger Projekte Vienna (2019), Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik (2017), Institut Français (2017), Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria (2016), Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka (2011), Camera Austria, Graz (2008), Art Pavilion, Zagreb (2008).

Her work has been published internationally in the UK Dazed and Confused magazine, Austrian Camera Austria International, Czech Blok, Fotograf and Elle, Slovenian Fotografija and Emzin, and Croatian Kontura, Čovjek i prostor and Oris. In 2011 Croatian National Television produced two documentaries about her work ‘SofijaSilvia – Photography in Croatia’ and ‘Sofija’s World’.