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Lecture with Gene Strickland on Revolutionary Photoshop AI-Driven Tools


This lecture is a gateway to seeing the latest trends in Photoshop use for artists, designers, and photographers, focusing on the dynamic use of color, neural filters, and the revolutionary potential of Photoshop AI-driven tools like Generative Fill.

Strickland will adress topics like Advanced Color Techniques: diving deep into the use of color to express emotion, set the tone, and bring your artistic vision to life; AI Neural Filters: uncovering the secrets of using AI to transform your images, adding depth and life in ways you’ve never imagined; and Generative Fill Techniques: learning to conjure entire images from mere descriptions, manipulate scenes, and alter elements seamlessly with AI’s precision. Gene Strickland will lead you through cutting-edge tips and techniques, showcasing how to harness AI in Photoshop for creative freedom. This lecture is more than just learning; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in digital imaging.

Gene Strickland is a professor and coordinator of Digital Design & Graphics and Digital Photography at Columbus State Community College in Columbus, Ohio. With a diverse academic background including a BA, BFA, MBA, and MFA, focused on drawing, digital imaging, and photography, coupled with his certification as an Adobe Certified Expert, Strickland stands out as a leading figure in digital art, photography and design education. His career spans over 20 years, during which he has published works on photography and iPhone photography, showcasing his depth of knowledge and commitment to teaching. Strickland’s approach to education blends technical skill with creative exploration, inspiring students to harness digital tools in realizing their artistic visions.

Lecture open to all PCA students | March, 22nd 2024 from 14:00 to 15:00
Auditorium (Room – 101)

Please register before March 21st by emailing PCA Chair of Photography Steve Bisson

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