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Intervalo Exhibition Curated by Alex Brahim

Invitación Intervalo

The INTERVALO exhibition, curated by Alex Brahim, comes to the Caja Blanca of the Cultural Center Las Cigarreras in Alicante after its initial showing in Casa Hoffmann in Bogotá in 2016.

The exhibition, taking place from July 28 to September 24 2017, is one of the proposals selected at the 2nd Open Call for Expository Projects in the Municipal Exhibition Spaces of Alicante and is part of the investigation and inventory of “Metaphysics of Data”, which studies the reconfiguration of the world in the digital paradigm.

The advent of the Internet and the society of information have clearly marked a before and an after in the way that we perceive the world, as well as in our conception and management of reality.

We inhabit in an INTERVAL between the postmodernity of mass media of the second half of the twentieth century and an uncertain future, cemented in data packets under the tutelage of exponential technological growth.

Starting from this position, 29 artists approach the tensions and arbitration between the analogical and the digital, the material and the intangible, the physical and the virtual, each with its own intention, methodology and point of view.

Aggtelek, Karen Aune, Enrique Baeza, Antonio Caro, Azahara Cerezo, Juan Cortés, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Santiago Echeverry, Inma Femenía, David Ferrando Giraut, Klaus Fruchtnis, Andrés Galeano, Andrea Gómez, Natalia Ibáñez Lario, Laura Jiménez Galvis, Alejandro Londoño, Solimán López, Gustavo Marrone, Andrés Martínez Ruiz, Andrés Moreno, Sito Mújica, Xavi Muñoz, Enrique Radigales, Ryan Rivadeneyra, Sofía Reyes, Guillermo Ros, Gregori Saavedra, Marc Serra.