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Interview with Art History PCA Student Beau Gomez


We caught up with PCA Art History Student Beau Gomez, who talked to us about his experiences at Paris College of Art, his work for thePCA/Terra Foundation Undergraduate Research Project and his plans for the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What led you to study Art History, Theory and Criticism at Paris College of Art?
I am originally from Toronto, Canada. I received a degree in Photography and was working freelance, but I decided to pursue art history – I believed it would serve as a great foundation for my artistic practice. Paris is an ideal city to study such a program; the arts is strongly embedded in the city’s culture.

Describe your recent work as the group leader for the PCA/Terra Foundation Undergraduate Research Project.
I have minimal experience with academic research, let alone with leading a group of people to develop a presentation amongst an audience of French art history teachers and Masters students. Barbara, our supervisor, was instrumental in directing us to a route that would prove unique and interesting for the attendees. These students are not used to presentations by student-artists, and likewise we were not accustomed to an academically-driven audience. But it was the ideal opportunity to exchange ideas about art and engage in a discussion from both perspectives.

The project challenged and further strengthened my skills in making solid and efficient decisions – much research was involved from visiting libraries as well as exploring galleries and exhibits around the city that proved relevant to the themes we explored. There was a lot of brainstorming, but in the end we came up with a presentation that was professional yet conversational, enthusiastic yet informative. I could not have done it without such an eager and hard-working team – thanks Hemma and Heejae!

How has studying art history in Paris altered your experience of the subject?
The scope of art that you can study in this city is so vast and accessible, you cannot go wrong! Studying art history atPCA gave me a strong head-start on the project. We managed to utilize what we have learned from our previous and current courses and apply it to the development of the presentation.

Tell me about one of your favorite spaces/neighborhoods in Paris.
Paris boasts an amazing bar culture unlike any other city, so naturally I enjoy the cocktail bars at Le Marais and Belleville.

What’s next for you after completing your certificate?
I’ll be pursuing an internship at the Art Gallery of Ontario, and continue working on my series!