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Introducing: Fine Arts and Illustration Seniors!

PCA Fashion Open House '16

We photographed the Fine Arts and Illustration senior students in their studios to give us a teaser of what we can expect to see at the end of the semester.

We also asked them to break down their final projects in a couple of words or less.

Senior Fine Arts show – La Galerie du CROUS de Paris, May 9 – 20.
Senior Illustration show – PCA Gallery, Thursday May 19.

Tino Chiang – Taiwan
Fine Arts

Luxury. Frame. Box.

Elizaveta Devyataykina – Russia
Fine Arts

Armenian ideograms turned into ornaments.

Stephanie Key aka Cherry Lazare – New Zealand
Fine Arts

How to become a sensuous witch.

Tim Loontiens – Belgium

Jungle. Fantasy. Eroticism.

Sarah Maxwell – U.S.A

Sci-Fi love story.

Xenia Rybina – Slovakia

Detailed. Visual. Everlasting.

Timothy Schweizer – Luxembourg
Fine Arts

Obsessive peeling of nature’s algorithm.

Laurence Sturla – U.K
Fine Arts

Cartoon desecration.

Julia Wiese – U.S.A
Fine Arts

Perfectly imperfect ikebanas.

All photos taken by PCA admissions counselor Marie Breton.

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