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Introducing GBFA Industry Talks Series


The GBFA Industry Talks Series, presented through the Global BFA – a co-degree program between Paris College of Art and Emerson College, opens a world of professional expertise to its participants.

Each session will feature some of the top media talent and academic analysts, who will explore cutting edge art, global culture, and current media trends in an ever-changing digital landscape. This panel of experts will be moderated by students from the Global BFA in Film Art degree.

The first talk of the series, “Death of the Silver Screen – New Modes of Distribution,” will take place online on Saturday, March 20, 2021 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM CET.

Here is a description of the topic:
Has the pandemic put cinema on its heels? Will COVID-19 be the killer of an already struggling art form? The theater has been a cornerstone of the film community for over a century, yet it’s dominance has been quickly erased by the digital underdogs turned overlords who now control much of the media market. While society’s swing to streaming was already changing models of media distribution, the pandemic’s effects will ripple through all levels of the industry from the way we consume media, to the way it is made and marketed. Everything from art house to the summer blockbuster may never be the same.

This first talk will feature Alan Wolk, author of “Over the Top: How the Internet is (Slowly but Surely) Changing the Television Industry”; Harald Hutter, filmmaker and Chair of Film Art at Paris College of Art; and Philip Ilson, artistic director of London Short Film Festival and guest curator of BFI Film Festival.

The event is open to everyone and will be recorded.

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