MA Fashion Design Class of ’17 Sho Konishi Interviewed by Magazine VOL•UP•2

Sho Konishi's INSECTS Jewelry Line - Model Brooks Ginnan, MUA by Cupid, Photographed by Naoyasu Mera

Sho Konishi, who graduated from PCA’s MA Fashion Design class in 2017, recently gave an interview to VOL•UP•2, an online magazine created by supermodel Velvet d’Amour which allows readers to “revel in their every ‘imperfection’ and celebrate their bodies in their glorious entirety.”

In this interview, Sho Konishi talks about his sources of inspiration and his work as a fashion designer. He shares his vision of fashion and his thoughts about the fashion industry, focusing on the issue of sustainability. He discusses his origins and how they have shaped his love of nature, which is a dominant theme in his art, and is at the core of his master’s collection “Garden of Eden.”

Sho Konishi has received many prizes and awards all around the world for his work and is currently living and working in New York. His ideology of fashion design is that it must be a tangible representation of human existence; it is like “designing life”. Through his art, he intends to fight the overproduction of the fast fashion industry and design garments that are true pieces of art instead of just wearable products, following a more sustainable approach.

Read the full interview on VOL•UP•2.

View Sho Konishi’s work on his personal website.