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MA Interior Design Alumna Ayushi Chaudhary Interns at Sybille de Margerie


Sybille de Margerie is an Interior Design firm based in Paris, Italy and Dubai. The agency primarily works on residential and hospitality projects.

“Working at Sybille de Margerie provided me with a practical experience of what it is like to work at an Interior Design firm. Working with actual materials and samples according to themes with a team full of inspirational and motivational colleagues was a great experience.”

“What takes a firm to be best at what it is, is persistence and consistency and that is what the firm preaches. Every Tuesday, the firm gathers to conduct a small regulatory meeting with all the staff members to discuss the progress of all projects as well as any other important issue(s).”

“During my tenure at Sybille de Margerie, I worked on the design of a cruise, HALIFAX. For this, I was drafting drawings, making presentations and getting in contact with various suppliers to order samples. I am grateful to Sybille de Margerie for providing me with this opportunity and adding a valuable experience to my profile.”

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