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MA Interior Design Alumna Carla Amaya on her Experience at PCA


Class of 19′ Carla Amaya speaks about her personal experience as a PCA student and how it helped her get ready to integrate the spatial design working world.

What were your expectations when you applied to the MA in Interior Design, and what was the most exciting thing about becoming a PCA student?
Upon applying to Paris College of Art’s Interior Design program, I had been working for three years in Washington, DC as an architectural designer. I was on my way to licensure, as I had studied Architecture and Planning in my undergrad. Along the way, I learned that I loved the faster-paced and intimate design process of interiors; therefore, I began to search for programs that would elevate me in this realm. PCA was exciting in that it would allow me to delve into this new area within a different cultural context—the change of scenery I had also been searching for.

What challenges do you think you overcame while studying in Paris?
When the time came to start the one-year intensive program, I was apprehensive about having to adapt to several things: teaching and design styles, the language, and most importantly the METRIC SYSTEM. This all came easily through the patience and attention from each professor. Whether it was through the various lectures in our studio course or class visits to Parisian firms, I collected more knowledge that fed into my development as a designer. The language was never an issue within the program despite having a diverse set of educators and classmates. Finally, the metric system was fairly easy to adapt to! All it really took was tape the size of one meter stuck on the wall next to my desk for constant reference.

Do you feel like you have gained during your time at PCA?
My time at PCA flew! The course load was rough at times yet expected. In the end, despite all the student’s different goals and experience levels, we all managed to acquire a whole new set of skills to take into our professional lives.  Personally, I felt further prepared to narrow into the spatial design career I had hoped for.

After her year of studies at PCA, Carla took the opportunity to do the PCA Applied Studies internship year. She started as an intern at AUS Studio, and was hired by the company. AUS Studio is a cooperative structure specialized in design based in Paris. To read out more about her experience as an intern: Class of ’19 Carla Amaya on her Internship at AUS Studio.


Carla’s Instagram: Carla Amaya Architecture

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