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Master in Transdisciplinary New Media Lecture Series: Abstract_


“What we wear is a powerful way to express our personality and style and tell our unique story.” – Abstract_

As part of the Master in Trandisciplinary New Media Lecture series, Paris College of Art welcomed transdisciplinary design team Julie Helles Eriksen and Bjørn Karmann to discuss their project Abstract_.

Along with textile designer Kristen Boesen, fashion designer Helles Eriksen and interaction designer Karmann have created Abstract_, a customized digital design and garment fabrication system, as part of their degree project for Kolding Design School.

Abstract_ allow customers to become a part of the design process as the patterns for the garments are generated from their own personal stories. The customer enters a story into the Abstract_ web design tool that then transforms the data visually. While this is happening, a webcam analyzes the customer’s facial expression and this information influences the colors of the pattern. With these two elements, a personal pattern is created for the customer and then transformed into a unique garment.

The idea behind Abstract_ is sustainability: if a consumer has a stronger emotional connection to a product, they might take better care of the product and it would last longer.

The lecture took place on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 on the Paris College of Art campus.

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