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MDES 16 - The First Week of Spring

The Sprout Workshop
The Sprout Workshop

2018 has started, so did our classes halfway through the month of January. New semester, new people, new adventures. As our new blank canvas in our new organised room, this year promises to be a year full of great work and discoveries.

We started the spring semester on Monday with our new MA Thesis class, a class that will help us to write our Thesis in the eight weeks we have. We are together with the master students from Photography and Interior Design, and the professor Lillian: a researcher and writer herself.

Tuesday Hanna, Sara, and I attend the first class of Digital Production Design – which will be another FabLab course, giving continuity to our last semester. Our teacher is Alessandro again: a master in 3D modelling and architecture. After the class, Vaila, Hanna, Mirna, and Alistair went to have a beer at La Colonie – delightful to be around these ladies again :)

Wednesday was a free day for me (at least from school), which I dedicated to my work in Berlin and organising my life for the new semester here in Paris. Besides that, I had my first meeting with my thesis mentor/adviser, Janine Gölz – she works at Makesense in The Future of Waste and has done her thesis about using technologies in communities in Brazil – which will be of big help for me – it looks like a very fruitful partnership.

Thursday was a long day for us. We start with our first session for the Sprout Model Workshop, ministered by Maurizio and Laureano. Both of them created this methodology putting together their backgrounds in branding, critical design, and human centred design, to come up with a practice that goes beyond the user and makes us think about trends and future vision to propose more assertive innovations. After that, we had our first session on Professional Practices Workshop, with the artist photographer Christophe Beauregard – he presented his work and his best practices in conceptualizing, producing, and showing his photographs.

Artist Photographer Christophe Beauregard

Friday was a day of celebrating our friendships and new beginnings. While Vaila, Hanna, Amy, and Sara were having a dancing night extravaganza, I was at home at my flatmate’s farewell party. I still need to catch up on dancing with the ladies…

It was a very good start of the semester, showing us a lot of interesting things to come our way! But not forgetting that with such a short time for finishing the thesis, we have to become the masters of our time, or it will just fall between our fingers.

Looking forward to all the development and new ideas sprouting everywhere!