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MTNM Workshops: Scen@rio

Scen@rio workshop

This workshop is conducted by Mathieu Merlet Briand.

Exhibition scenario in the era of big-datas.
Transmedia research and creation workshop on the impact of Internet and its technologies on the perception of reality.

Between real and fiction, this workshop seeks to consider the exhibition space as a global experience, as the structuring material of your creations. From a defined exhibition space, the objective will be to design an exhibition project, present it via a model and make at least one “artwork” in a free format, scale 1, of your exhibition.

“The activities of DJs, Web surfers, and postproduction artists imply a similar configuration of knowledge, which is characterized by the invention of paths through culture. All three are “semionauts” who produce original pathways through signs. Every work is issued from a script that the artist projects onto culture, considered the framework of a narrative that in turn projects new possible scripts, endlessly.” Post-Production, Nicolas Bourriaud, 2003.