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Aya Joukhdar, Online Foundation

Image by: Aya Joukhdar, Online Foundation

Complete your Art Foundation Year Online!

Applications are still being accepted

The Paris College of Art Foundation Online: Pathway to Paris Program is built on the philosophy handed down from a century of artists, designers, and educators that there are common skills and approaches to all fields of art and design that are dynamic when taught together.

Taught completely online, you can do your Foundation year from wherever you call home and then join PCA in Paris as a 2nd year student in the Fall of 2024.

“You’ll find your style or you’ll find out where you’re meant to be in the whole art thing eventually. So it’s not like you have to decide on one thing that you’re going do for rest of your life. It’s something that’s always changing and you should just let go and let it happen.” – Caitlyn O’Leary, Online Foundation Student going into Fashion Design, BFA

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