fbpx Patricio Sarmiento, PCA Faculty, at Revelations Fair ’15, Le Grand Palais — PCA

Patricio Sarmiento, PCA Faculty, at Revelations Fair '15, Le Grand Palais


Patricio Sarmiento, Coordinator of the Fashion Design Department at PCA and leader of the new Master of Arts in Accessories Design: Jewelry and Leather Goods founded Hand in Hand – a Franco-Taiwanese Creative Platform that aims to boost local development through craftsmanship, innovation and design. The Hand in Hand collaborative platform was recently selected to show their most recent works at the International Fine Craft and Creation Biennal REVELATIONS in Paris. An amazing opportunity for the 340 designers and crafts makers chosen among professionals around the world, the fair provides a forum in which makers, buyers, collectors and interior designers celebrate art, craft and design.

The PCA Master of Arts in Accessories Design: Jewelry and Leather Goods will be launched in Fall 2016, with at its head Patricio Sarmiento, who has worked for Louis Vuitton Malletier, Céline, and now uses his expertise as a Consultant for the National Taiwan Craft and Design Research Institute. In partnership with the Taiwan Cultural Center of Paris and the Taiwan Tourist Centre, Hand-in-Hand presents: Taiwan: the savoir-faire around bamboo. Used in Taiwan and Asia for thousands of years, as well as seen in Western living rooms starting in the 60s, bamboo is both a noble and popular material that, through the symbiosis of Taiwanese craftsmanship and designers’ creative interpretations, has been magnified into cross-cultural accessories like Sarmiento’s cowhide, brass and bamboo laptop case, or other precious decorative objects.

At the heart of Revelations, Le Banquet, an exhibition of the most spectacular and refined crafts of the world, winding through the fair as a back bone, displays some of the outstanding objects designed by Hand in Hand artists, including intricate bamboo chairs and light fixtures revealing the extensive exchange of savoir-faire between international designers and local bamboo crafts masters.

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