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PCA Alumni Feature: Sofia Ringesten

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We recently caught up with Sofia Ringesten, PCA Communication Design Class of 2016, about what she has been doing since leaving PCA.

I am a graphic designer, made in Brasil, cultivated in Sweden, refined in France. My mission is to take your vision and make it visible to the world.

Where are you living now? 


What have you been up to professionally since graduating?

I have been freelancing to build up my portfolio and give it a more professional flair. I have also been using networks around me for collaborations to build a stronger brand and get my name out there.

Tell us about the successes and challenges you’ve encountered in launching your career.

It’s important to understand that a client does not see the creative solutions the way you see them, and there will be many tedious hours where you will have to remake things for clients when you actually thought you were done. Patience and passion is the key.

What classes or projects did you complete in school that have helped you prepare for your career?

The liberal studies combined with the core courses were an invaluable source for inspiration and creative growth. If you choose that combination wisely, and learn how to collab them, it will take your artworks, skills and perceptions to a whole other level.

How did Paris inspire you as a designer?

The city is your gallery, there is always a vernissage to discover, a new piece of street art or a new exhibition at one of the countless museums. Paris is your artistic oysters, where you may enjoy the pearls every day of the year.

Where do you get your inspiration or motivation from?

My inspiration is found in the city; go outside to let it marinate! Take a trip to a park, sit down in the grass and let the creative juices flow from nature. Or if it’s cold, gather your creative hub of friends, cook together and engage in sparking conversation, ideally cross major!

What advice would you give to people thinking of studying art and design in higher education?

It’s hard work, and many sleepless nights. The abuse of caffeine might be high. You will question yourself and your decision many times. You will ask yourself if it’s really worth it, and if you really have what it takes. But then it hits you, that spark of creativity and that inner talent that you know you possess, they suddenly align. You create what you have felt in your heart, you remember why you are there and that this is what you are meant to be.

What advice would you give to students starting their professional career in your field?

Don’t doubt yourself and your creativity, and trust your gut feeling. Keep on swimming, and give them so much they can’t ignore you!

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