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PCA Faculty Patricio Sarmiento to Coordinate the Taiwan Representation for Paris D'Days

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D’DAYS Festival | R/Evolution | May 30 to June 5, 2016

It has now been 16 years that designers, design schools and stores gather to celebrate the design community in France and abroad through conferences, exhibitions, and happenings.

Every year a country is chosen to be represented for its traditional craftsmanship and design innovation, and this year Taiwan will be given the place of honor, under the supervision of Patricio Sarmiento, designer, art director and PCA Senior Fashion Design Coordinator and Director of the Masters in Accessories Design.

As the pioneer of Taiwan’s artistic presence in France through his creative platform, Hand in Hand, Sarmiento was appointed art director of the event, and will organize the country’s representation in conjunction with the Taiwanese Cultural Center of Paris.

One of the main poles of the Taiwanese presence in Paris during the event will be the exhibition “Taiwan Unfolding” at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which will show the work of M. Hung Hsin-Fu, Master Craftsman, and explore the tradition and craft of paper making and the paper industry, in partnership with the Suho Paper Memorial Museum of Taipei. The viewer will be transported into a typical Taiwanese atmosphere through paper scenography, pop-up displays, contemporary creations by designers, as well as funeral paper houses, both traditional and modern.

Also invited to participate are students from, PCA partner university, Shih Chien University of Taipei who will display their works at Galerie 24B, along with bamboo wearables, wearable objects produced during workshops given by Patricio Sarmiento and Emmanuel Lacoste in Taiwan.

Completing the Taiwanese representation will be a bamboo workshop under the authority of the Taiwan National Institute for Research and Development of Arts and Crafts, as well as talks by young designers specialized in responsible technology including the upcycling of high technology by Henry Hsiao.

Patricio Sarmiento will be assisted by PCA students who will be invited to put into practice their professional skills acquired in the classroom to make this event a success!

Taiwan Unfolding
Musée des Arts Décoratifs
7 rue de Rivoli | 75001 Paris
May 30 – June 19

Un Aperçu de la Création Contemporaine
Galerie 24b
24 bis rue Saint Roch | 75001 Paris
May 30 – June 5

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