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PhD Students from Colombia Visiting PCA

Low tech-Colombian students

Shirley is a teacher at UPTC University for 12 years now, and she is also an advisor in some other educational institutions in the production of Digital Educational Content Didactic.

Shirley has worked in many other different institutions in Colombia such as The Intelligence school of the National Police, the District University, the National Learning Service, and the Politecnico Grancolombiano university, as well as some secondary schools.

Besides all of that, Shirly now is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Design and Creation at the University of Caldas in Colombia. Shirley, in her words says describing her field of study “After working in teaching technology to children and teachers, I am convinced that the value of design must be instilled in the human being to achieve a better appropriation of technology, I think that children should learn design in schools and therefore develop a project around design capabilities that children use in solving technology problems.”



Javier Olarte is an Associate Professor at the Film School of the Fine Arts, and at the National University of Colombia where he has been a faculty member since 2000. Professor Olarte received a Bachelor in Communication and Media; then a Bachelor in Film Studies; in 2006 a Specialization in Multimedia Design and Development; in 2012 Magister in Cultural Studies. He is currently studying his Ph.D program in Creation and Design at Universidad de Caldas.

His research and artistic projects are focused on issues like internal displacement in Colombia; Resilience movements through art languages; visual narratives, transmedia and alternative models of storytelling; art and early childhood; montage as storytelling at a film in Latin America.   He has been invited to give academic task in art and early childhood at Universidad Complutense de Madrid in 2015; at Channel 10 in San Salvador he was invited to participate like advice counselor in media, transmedia and montage methods; also alternatives film production in La Femis (France); at Avanca Cinema in Portugal speech about Early childhood in Colombian cinema and Ettore Scolla films; in Decolonialism and neocolonialism in Latin America at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Professor Olarte has been made visual projects that try to cross the borderline between arts and social science expressing his ideas through film, video and experimental moving images.

Two of his last works are: Verde, the most recent, is an expanded documentary based on three formats: concert, installation, and documentary. It tells a story and draws the relationship between natural resources and two cases of civil conflict’s victims in Colombia. Inhabit the body is a documentary that describes the story of four groups of citizens who lives in different regions of Colombia, who were displaced by violence. The film gives voice to those victims of the conflict that could get an understanding of their tragedy and share their feelings through art.

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