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Product Stories #4 "Product Design" Featuring PCA Faculty Gökce Taskan


MTNM faculty Gökce Taskan will partake at Product Stories #4 “Product Design” tonight, Thursday December 4, 2018 at the Zenly headquarters in Paris.

Building Amazing Product means getting your entire team —from marketing, design, tech, growth— aligned on delivering the best user experience. Come hear the behind the scene stories about the people who build the products you love to use everyday.

After last month’s successful fireside chat with Dan Cederholm, co-founder at Dribbble, Product Stories are thrilled to be back for the fourth edition to talk about Product Design.

It takes everyone to build a great product but this time let’s focus on the role and missions of the Product Designer from day one, her/his relationship with other teammates and the evolution of the designers’ team in relation during company growth.

Laure Boutmy, Designer @Side, Gökce Taskan, Design director @Dailymotion and Benjamin Soukiassian, Product Manager @Dreem will be sharing their experience and thoughts on these topics.

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