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R'evolution: a Study Abroad Exhibition

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Join us on Thursday October 24, 6-8pm at Le Pavé d'Orsay art gallery for the opening of "R'evolution": a study abroad student exhibition!


This exhibition opens a platform for PCA study abroad students to create work that narrates their identity. As they enter a new country, study abroad students are at a perfect juncture in their life story to experience this identity shift. These students originate from diverse backgrounds and heritage, creating a melting pot for change and evolution. Here, they have the opportunity to redefine their identity.

The individual’s identity, much like our physical bodies, exists in duality. It carries the potential for complete transformation while also being limited by definable elements.

There is a unique flexibility in a person’s identity that allows them to change and shift throughout their life.  At the same time there exist defined structures. These structures are born from our heritage, the community we belong to, and the environment we live in. Individual identity is inevitably shaped by these connections, shifting and evolving throughout our lives as we adapt, integrate and diverge as individuals.

In their works, the students will explore the interplay between their identity today, in possible futures, and in the extension of the borders of their pre-determined past.

The students will produce works exploring everything from visual perception to how we choose to associate and disassociate with the world around us. This exhibition hopes to refresh its audience on how identity can form, transform and manifest in the space and time beyond the traditional static description and statistical limits which of our ID cards.

Featuring works by:
Eric Vu
Elizabeth Boshoff
Lareina Sun
Camilla Giordano
Michelle Fitz Gerald
Poppy Olivia Brooks
Snezana Milivojevic

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