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Searching for the Real Godot

Searching for Godot

PCA faculty member Ian Paterson’s book, “Searching for Godot”, was recently featured in The Globe and Mail article.

Reading his book, I couldn’t believe Paterson had actually found the physical man who may have been the original inspiration for one of the ongoing metaphorical mysteries of 20th-century literature. – Ian Brown

Ian Brown recently wrote about PCA professor Ian Paterson’s passion for Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot in the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail. In his article, he talks about Paterson’s quest to discover who Godot really was and his eventual encounter with Roger Godeau, Paterson’s real life Godot.

“Scholars and critics have been arguing about what the play means, if it means anything, and especially who Godot is and what he is supposed to represent, since it was first produced in Paris in 1953.”

In Searching for Godot, Paterson believes that he has come close to the answer of who or what Godot is. He calls his book a semi-fiction in which he follows Samuel Beckett and stumbles upon certain clues that lead him to who he believes was the real Godot.

Read the article here.