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Stress (& anxiety) Free!

Relax - Max van den Oetelaar

Money? Work? Getting a job? Paying bills? The future?
There are a lot of questions on our minds. We live in a society where everyone goes 100 miles per hour, everything has a due date.
For these and many other reasons it is important to know how to handle stress and anxiety.

These are useful tips and tricks you can do under 10 minutes to help you disconnect and relax in any situation. Feel free to give your self some time during the day to take a deep breath and move on.

1. Mindful breathing

2. Hold an ice cube in your hand – It might sound strange, but the discomfort of feeling it in your hands helps your brain focus on the cold in your hands and not anything else around you.

3. Meditation

4. Adult Coloring books

5. Essential Oils – You can smell them, apply them on your hands or on your neck. They provide many different benefits depending on what they are made of.

6. Writing – Good or bad feelings, it is a way to process how we feel and deal with different situations of our lives.

7. Chewing Gum

8. Laugh

9. Cuddling

10. Spending time with your pet – Caring for your pets allows you to get distracted from your problems and give all you attention to them.

11. Listening to music

~ Hopefully you will find some of them helpful, especially during this year!

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