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Summer Spotlight on French for the Artist

Join us in Paris this summer for an exciting new course focused on learning about French language and culture through art. French for the Artist is a 2-week intensive for beginner to intermediate students of all ages that will involve exciting visits to artistic and cultural sites all over Paris.


Click the “play” button above to watch the video, or read the transcript (in English) below:

MP: My name is Marion Perier.

AA: My name is Alice Aguila.

MP: So this summer course is called “French for the Artist” and it’s a course with a dual objective.

AA: First we need to learn French, that’s why we are in Paris. And then we also want to learn a bit more about French culture and French history, and art history.

MP: The course is designed with four hours in the classroom in the morning, but also field trips in the afternoon. So for example, there’s a day where we’ll study the comparison of nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and for that we’ll compare the workshops of different artists with lists of vocabulary and a bunch of things to really be able to speak about those workshops.

AA: And then in the afternoon we’ll go to the art museum to see the actual workshop from Suzanne Valadon and put into practice what we saw in the morning. The opportunity to go in museums and experience what we saw in class but in real life, it’s a unique opportunity.

MP: Yes it’s one of the best ways to learn a language, really. Language is cultural, it brings history, it brings so many things, and that’s why when we bring in subjects like art, like literature, poetry – I don’t know, things like that – it can just click. It can create the beginning of a sense of ease with the French language. It’s a foot in the door, a way into the language actually.

AA: Yes in fact my language studies allowed me to learn about subjects other than language. I really had the sense that beyond language, a whole new horizon had been opened for me.

Both: So if you’re interested in art history, French language, and Parisian life… come and join us! We’re looking forward to meeting you this summer.

À bientôt!

You can find more information on French for the Artist here.

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