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Upcoming Exhibitions at the Galerie Le Magasin de Jouets

True Stories
Thyl Détré and Armelle Sèvre

Le Magasin de Jouets is a contemporary gallery located in Downtown Arles, France. Founded in 2010 by Pierre Hivernat, it is a meeting and experimental space dedicated to contemporary creation. Our own Social Documentary faculty member, Nicolas Havette, is the gallery’s Director. This spring, come enjoy their upcoming exhibitions “L’abîme et le vent” and “True Stories”.

French photographer Meyer, who’s a member of the Tendance Floue collective, is the author of “L’abîme et le vent” exhibit. With this new photo series, he proposes a new view on the Spanish corrida representations which combines emotion and history while approaching this delicate subject. “L’abîme et le vent” is available from April 13th to April 26th.


“True Stories” is Thyl Détré’s and Armelle Sèvre’s first exhibit. This exhibition presents films and photographs that question the boundaries between documentary and fiction, exhibition and intimacy. Two fictions, two sets of eyes, meet in the image to build a reality. “True Stories” is available from May 19th to June 1st.

Thyl Détré and Armelle Sèvre