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Where are they now? Updates From Study Abroad Alumni.


Bojeung Leung came to PCA for fall semester 2018, through the CUPA Art program, from his home institution Fordham University in New York.  At Fordham, Bojeung is a Visual Arts major, with a minor in Communication and Culture.  During his time at PCA he took advantage of the flexibility we offer to try out classes in several different departments, including Photography and Liberal Arts.  In fact, his piece for the PCA Study Abroad Exhibition was made up of photos he had taken during his time in Paris.

For Bojeung, this is one of the most important outcomes from his study abroad experience – he now pushes himself much more to be experimental creatively, and go after the things he wants in life.

Studying abroad at any location allows students to break down pre-conceived notions and ideas they may have about their work, and life in general.  Here at PCA we like to encourage our visiting students to explore this newfound freedom by allowing them flexibility in the classes they take with us.

Thanks to his time here, Bojeung has also become more adventurous in reaching out to people and making new connections, undoubtedly as a result of the connections he was able to make here.  As he explains, “Don’t be afraid to try things that are way out of your comfort zone, because they always turn out to be really good ideas or fun adventures”.  It is good to hear that he has kept up this attitude back home!  On a practical level the main advice Bojeung would give to any future study abroad students is to take advantage of being in Paris to travel as much as possible early on, because once the semester gets going it’s harder to find the time.  And, just as importantly, learn to use the metro!

Right now you can catch Bojeung’s final gallery show at Fordham University Butler Gallery until the 20th March.  From everyone here at PCA we wish Bojeung the best of luck, and we look forward to seeing what he does next!

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