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Abroad in Baltimore #5


Light Week, The Perfect Panini

This week began rather unceremoniously with a cancellation of one of my studios. A quick recipe for instant joy!

While my painting class is both educational and enjoyable, I had no qualms over a slightly lighter week. You can tell my schedule is more painful than most by the reactions of students I share it with. Most recently, a friend in my anatomy class offered the lovely sentiment of, “Ouch, I’ll pray for you.”

But so far MICA has give me exactly what I’ve needed, a kick in the behind to get myself out and making more art. As a Communication Design student we spend a lot of time staring at various screens and Adobe applications, and it’s often fun, but my former 1st year Foundation self really missed working with paint and pencils. I really loved the 3D section of Materials and Dimensions so I might have to take another sculpture course when I get the chance!

Another treat waiting for me at the end of the week was a rare free Friday! The exchange group of girls and I decided on a fun dinner out on the town at the local restaurant The Brass Tap. It’s nice to have a little community outside classes, as we’re all in the same boat, though different levels of sinking. The Brass Tap is a nice American style pub restaurant, and although I thought the food was rather good, my European friends insisted that the burgers we got at Red Robin, a fast food joint, was much better so go figure!

Speaking of food, while I’ve been spoiled by PCA’s abundant and unbeatable local cuisine, American college food has a bit of a reputation among students. During Orientation, the exchange students and I took a trip to the main dining hall, Meyerhoff, and were treated to pizza and salad which was perfectly fine but not exactly cost effective for those without a meal plan. After a few rounds of trial and error I can confidently report that the Doris cafe’s paninis are my favorite MICA meal.

Among my various academic and artistic goals, there are a few fun goals I’ve been striving towards, one of which I’ve recently concluded being an investigative study of MICA’s panini selection. Now something I’ve noticed is abundant in American foods is abundance of choice and this was no exception.

By my count there are no less than 5 different panini options at the cafe and after a few weeks and more than a couple dollars, I’m pleased to crown the Quattro Formaggi panini as the winner. It’s delicious combination of four different types of cheese, spinach, and pesto sauce that I just might have to try recreating at home. I ordered it for lunch the other day and requested they add some ham, just to try it, and I was not disappointed!

My weekend was not quite so carefree as my week had been, I’m still still figuring out how to juggle my school work, hobbies, friends, etc. If someone’s figured out this magical formula, please send it my way. I’m slowly getting better at not wasting my weekends on Netflix and thumb twiddling, but I’ve still got ways to go.

Keep creating!

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