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Abroad in Baltimore #16

Spring flowers

Spring !

Hello and welcome back ! It’s time to defrost from winter break and step into spring semester. I hope everyone had a satisfying and celebratory winter break. In my house we had a very quiet Christmas followed by a very loud New Years.

The one thing I have to say I treasured the most was hands down having multiple days of unstructured time. After a full Fall semester, free days are something of a novelty and I thoroughly enjoyed spending them reading and catching up on my Netflix queue.

Despite the academic calendar heralding spring, the temperature seems to not yet realize the change in season as on this side of the Atlantic it is definitely still winter. With two solid snow storms under our belts, I can safely declare that I am finished with this season and ready to welcome above freezing temperatures.

Hopefully, this semester will prove to be a bit more manageable, in terms of workload, but I’d rather not jinx it. I’m registered for 5 classes this semester, and am fully committed to giving them my all.

Productivity wise, I’m happy to say that I managed to get a good amount of my back burner to-do list taken care of. From hand washing my grandma’s sweaters, to giving my portfolio website a complete overhaul and much needed update, I ended up being quite happy with what I was able to accomplish in my last few days of freedom.

As much as I’m looking forward to the new semester, transitioning from winter break is not without its challenges. After a month of holidays and merriment, the readjustment to academia is often a bit of a struggle. For us art students, we can at least take heart in the fact that with every new semester is a new chance to learn more about the subjects we actually enjoy. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too cheesy.

Looking ahead to the weeks to come, I am eager to dig into a new crop of classes and expand on some areas I’ve previously never had the chance to explore until now, illustration being just one. I learned a lot from last semester, especially when it came to managing my work/life balance. With one less class to manage, I’m hoping I’ll be able to focus more on quality over quantity when it comes to my projects.

This will be my last semester at MICA and while it’s been nothing short of amazing, I’m definitely feeling homesick for Paris and all my friends at PCA. I’m determined to savor my remaining time here at MICA, but I’m also glad I can look forward to returning to PCA in the not too distant future.

Happy Spring semester!

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