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Abroad in Baltimore #6


Changing Season, Midterm Mania

Fall is here! A much needed respite from the humidity we’ve been suffering and the first indication of the holiday season. But before we can get too excited, students around the world must unite to defeat a common enemy: Midterms.

In an effort to keep spirits high, I encourage all of you to appreciate that we’re almost halfway through the semester! Whether you’re up late writing a paper or finishing a project, know that your efforts are not in vain and will soon be rewarded by a well deserved holiday break.

I almost hesitate to write this as I’m afraid it might cause some jealousy but I can’t resist. Something MICA provides students with in this first semester is a Fall and Thanksgiving break. Don’t hate me! I promise I’ll have a bunch of homework to ensure my time out of class is spent doing homework, but I can’t deny that I’m excited for a break, especially since I’m able to spend it with my family in the States this year!

Now I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about my drawing and painting studio challenges so I thought I’d share about two previously unmentioned classes.

Global Typography is proving to be one of my favorite classes as it’s main focus is to introduce the global aspects of type design! Our teacher is really knowledgeable and brings in amazing designers from all over the world to talk to us about their studio practices and share their work. This week the designers from the studio Omnivore came to talk to us and I had an amazing time learning about the inner workings of an actual design studio. As students, we don’t often get this good a look into the professional working world until we find ourselves in one.

Graphic Design 3 is also quite fun. It’s my only completely virtual class but I find myself looking forward to it as each class we get to see everyone’s work develop week by week. We mainly focus on After Effects, and I can’t thank my Motion Graphics teacher at PCA enough for pushing us to get familiar with the program. I’ve got a pretty solid grip on After Effects, but know enough to understand that I’ve only scratched the surface of what this powerful program can do.

Besides classes and homework, the exchange group of girls continues to be some of the best people I’ve met at MICA so far. I was a good bit nervous about meeting so many new people, but even halfway through this semester I think I’ve already accomplished one of my main goals. I’m slowly befriending a few MICA natives in my classes, but it’s really nice to always be able to count on the exchange group!

I’m glad to report that I’m indeed surviving and for the most part thriving here at MICA. It hasn’t been an easy adjustment to the heavy workload, but I think I’m beginning to settle into a sort of rhythm that works for me. One thing I’m anxious to maintain is my outside hobbies and make sure school doesn’t completely swallow my personal life, something I think all students can relate to.

Stay healthy and stay sane!

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